My story

woman-863122_1280I have been passionate about Spanish art for a long time. My first thought about the word ‘Spanish’ when I heard it was that it rhymed with both ‘mannish’ and ‘banish.’ Then, my parents took me to see my first Spanish arts museum, and I was hooked immediately. My parents were really interested in museums in general when I was growing up, which obviously helped get me into them. It also convinced me to go into education myself, specifically in the world of museums.
People’s education should never end once they graduate from high school or college. People should continue learning well into adulthood, and I have always thought that this is what museums were all about. You can go to them as a school child, and you can also go to them as an adult. They are the educational centers for everyone, and there should be educational centers for everyone.
In this website, I have all sorts of information about the museums that I really strongly recommend to all of my fellow museum freaks, especially if they’re also interested in Spanish art. I can specifically recommend all of the museums that actually feature showcases of Spanish art, which should make all the difference for my fellow Spanish art fanatics. I blog about Spanish art and museums in general, of course. Since Spanish art is my field and I work in museums, I like to think that I have experience outside of just being a hobbyist.